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Paintings of the Elbe Philharmonic concert hall in Hamburg, Germany

A vision from Arndt Tomás

While the new concert hall in Hamburg, the Elbe Philharmonic concert hall, was being planned I was fascinated by it in many ways. When the foundation stone was laid I decided to create a drawing to present my vision of the building and its importance for the second biggest city in Germany.

I am the first artist that is involved. The planning includes two parts of the Elbe Philharmonic: The existing foundation of an old coffee warehouse from the 60s called Kaispeicher and the upper "wave of cristal" shall be designed on top of it like a sail to welcome entering ships in the harbor of Hamburg.

The brick base part symbolizes the Hamburg traditional values such as trade and harbour. The glass façade built upon it mirrors the sky and stands for the diversity of Hamburg music life. The building combines tradition and modernity and is trendsetting for Hamburg’s future. Supporters of the new building have announced that the Elbe Philharmonic hall will take a place among the world's 10 best concert halls. The topping-out ceremony is scheduled for early 2010, the opening for 2012.

Elbphilharmonie bei

H 60 x B 50
Oil on fiberboard
With frame made of wood

Elbphilharmonie bei

H 60 x B 50
Oil on fiberboard
With frame made of wood

800.- EUR
800.- EUR
¡Qué viva la

H 100 x B 100
Oil on cotton

Wir sind Hamburg!

H 130 x B 90
Oil on canvas

800.- EUR
Hommage an
Anne-Sophie Mutter

H 95 x B 70
Oil on canvas

All prices in Euros. Errors and omissions excepted.

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What the press says about the first oil paintings

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Posted 968 days ago
Before, there must be a strong rason, maybe Tomas is right. A small company released a dvd called Live in Zurich. They had plenty of interesting gigs to shoot: Prague, Sydney, London, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago most of them were sold out with an audience around 15.000, not too bad. Travelling Revisited?
Posted 2253 days ago
Kewl you should come up with that. Excelent!
Posted 2416 days ago
Still not open? I bet it will be very impressive...
Lidia Swell
Posted 3169 days ago
I like these paintings as well! ^^
Posted 3354 days ago
Well let's see... the building is awesome and I would love to visit Hamburg for the very first time when they open the doors! GREG
Posted 3379 days ago
I think it will be finished in 2012...
Posted 3478 days ago
NICE the one with Sophie-Mutter.
Cool reputaton
Posted 3500 days ago
I have heard about that project several months ago and now it’s in the newspaper again... I am pretty excited to see it when finished so let's see how it is in a few months.
Steven S.
Posted 3663 days ago
A great project - indeed.
James Dawson
Posted 3717 days ago
The city's architecture and economy are inextricably linked and their mutual success is founded on water. This was the impetus for the 2000 HafenCity masterplan which deregulated the Speicherstadt, the customs warehouse island in the Elbe, to bring river and city together again with the Boiler House (by GMP), remodelled as an information centre. The first completed waterfront building was for IT company SAP (2002, Spengler Wiescholek).
HafenCity's 100 hectares will boast 5500 apartments, 40 000 workplaces and 9750 metres of redesigned quays, all intersected by yacht marinas. The crowning glory will be Herzog & de Meuron's Elbphilharmonie in its glass tent poised on top of a massive 1960s brick warehouse. This spectacular climax to “Dallmannkai” (trad.: Dalmann Quay) owes more to a private developer, Genius Loci, than Hamburg's city fathers, who managed to delay construction by insisting on taking control. Such a high profile project still needs private patronage to be realised.
The latest “water city” is the “Überseequartier”, an eight hectare eastern extension of HafenCity centred on the Magdeburger Harbour. Citizens are being promised Mega-Mall shopping, a Mediterranean atmosphere, and a new casino a la Monaco. Star hotels and a new cruise ship terminal are intended to boost and sustain tourism. Designs by Erick van Egeraat already exist for twin towers and a dramatic free-standing roof flying over the historic River and Harbour Administration Building. Rem Koolhaas is to provide a 50 million Euro Science Centre. Surprisingly this will be completed in 2011, with a new underground line linking old and new centres.
This concentration of architectural attention north of the Elbe has led to a predictable gnashing of teeth on the poorer southern banks. In an act of appeasement, Jorn Walter's Hamburg Building Department has conceived “Sprung über die Elbe” (trad.: Jump over the Elbe), an intellectual construct to include the immigrant and ex-worker enclaves in Wilhelmsburg and the smaller Harburg harbour to the south. Over the last five years, private investors have spearheaded Harburg's renaissance among post-industrial archaeological remains, drawbridges, canals, warehouses and older half-timbered houses.
I think this project will lead the city further in ranking and, of course, will catch lots of attention from the world. The city's elite has always been importers-exporters, shipbuilders and agents, and romantically idealised fishermen and sailors. The infamous Reeperbahn for recreational shore leave was built on a site originally used for braiding ships' ropes, but modern architecture has embraced even this aspect of popular entertainment with an Erotic Museum designed by Jan Stormer. And while Hamburg describes its port as “Gateway to the World”, visitors are more likely nowadays to arrive at Fuhlsbuttel Airport terminals 1 and 2 (1993 and 2005). Both were designed by von Gerkan, Marg & Partner (GMP) the pre-eminent Hamburg practice, now expanding beyond Germany to build in China.
James Grow
Posted 3768 days ago
Amazzzzing pics!
Posted 3773 days ago
Fun, easy and elegant user interface. Very nice oil paintings!
Germany rulz
Posted 3775 days ago
One should say NICE WORK !!
Little Biscuit
Posted 3860 days ago
The New York Times wrote several articles about the elbe philharmonic concert hall in hamburg. It is indeed a very beautiful building!
Biscuit, US
Posted 3908 days ago
Yeah - I like it, especially #3...

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