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This category contains compositions on canvas that determine our time respectively. A journey through the spirit of our times: The Whistleblower symbolizes a surveillance state which compromises the privacy of citizens, Operation Secret Garden shows a Commander-in-Chief experiencing war through play, Self-Destruction symbolizing the collapse of the monetary system in the USA; I drew the Bankruptcy of Greece and another triptych about the implementation of a New World Order. Deepwater Horizon Blowout shows the offshore rig that sank, Great Pacific Garbage Patch critizes the gyre of marine litter in the North Pacific Ocean. Global Warming shows the greed of commodities and what could happen due to the climate change, Global Financial Crisis symbolizes the action of three mayor central banks to prevent countries from poverty, Yes, we can! is a rational appeal to US-President Barack Obama to keep his promises and the oil painting Aufklärungsjäger über Afghanistan shows two German jet fighters send by the German goverment to Afghanistan to "defend freedom". Stay tuned with my newsletter!

Die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa

Die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa - Arndt Tomás
Price on request

Die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa

H 70 x B 90
Oil on canvas

Publication in May 2015

Arndt Tomás

Postindustrielles Nullwachstum

Postindustrielles Null-Wachstum von Arndt Tomás
Price on request

Postindustrielles Nullwachstum

H 90 x B 65
Oil on canvas

Publication in February 2015

Arndt Tomás

New World Order II

New World Order II - Ölmalerei auf Leinwand
Price on requenst
New World Order II

H 90 x B 130
Oil on canvas

Publication in September 2014

Arndt Tomás

Germany’s Best Topmodel: The Whistleblower

Germany’s Next Topmodel: The Whistleblower - Ölmalerei von Arndt Tomás
Price on request
The Whistleblower

H 48 x B 80
Oil with sand from the Sahara on canvas

Publication in May 2014

Arndt Tomás

Operation Secret Garden

Operation Secret Garden
Price on request
Operation Secret Garden

H 100 x B 158
Oil on canvas

Publication in December 2013

Details: Helicopter inferno from control desk and horrified shepherd.

Arndt Tomás

The European Eleptocracy detects Spain

La cleptocracia europea desentraña a España
2.250.- EUR
La cleptocracia europea desentraña a España

H 80 x B 50
Oil on canvas

Publication in August 2012

Arndt Tomás

Self-Destruction - Collaps of the Monetary System in the United States of America

President Nixon declared the dollar non-convertible on the 15th of May, 1971 – thus abolishing the gold standard. The Federal Reserve could print money “based on nothing” in order to pay the expenses of the Vietnam war as well as of the Great Society Program created by the former President Johnson. This step led to the depreciation of the dollar amounting to around 98 % in the last 40 years (click on the thumb to enlarge picture).

3.000.- EUR


H 90 x B 65
Oil, shredded US-Dollars and gilded 1 US-Dollar on canvas

Publication in September 2011

De-industrialization (demise of automotive, steel and heavy industries) made 40 million Americans unemployed and dependant on welfare. Four million more should be added – those who have lost their homes to banks as the result of the real estate bubble bursting and are now forced to dwell in trailers, cars and tents.

Details: 1 ounce American Eagle Ag gilded, shredded US-Dollars of the FED,
24K gilded 1 US-Dollar bill and authentic chinese Food Stamps of the year 1971.

It had been unclear in August 2011, whether the Congress would agree to a raise of the federal debt ceiling; without new loans, the USA would have been insolvent. By way of precaution, Chinese government let food stamps be dropped over the tent towns. China is the largest holder of US debt. Comments
Arndt Tomás

Beyond the Peak of the Financial Game - Bankruptcy of Greece

The "emergency umbrella" of the EU and the IMF bail-out enable Greece to acquire new loans in the credit markets, in order to guarantee repayment of the maturing loans to the banks. It means that the European Central Bank is printing money so that the banks get back the money they have loaned (click on the thumb to enlarge picture).

Beyond the Peak of the Financial Game
3.000.- EUR
Beyond the Peak of the Financial Game

H 90 x B 175
Oil, shredded Eurobills and 100 Euro bill gilded on canvas

Publication at the time of the insolvency of Greece, October 2011

The people gain nothing from this development – except for civil servants and welfare receivers. This makes people take to the streets and riot. Unemployed youth does not have any prospects for the future. Athens, the Goddess of wisdom, stands in the ash rain of burnt euro notes. She could not prevent her country from becoming a toy in the hands of the international finance aristocracy.

Details: singed, shredded Euros and 24K gilded 100 Euros.

The modern Greece fights for its survival. The untroubled way of life of ancient times belongs to the past. Comments
Arndt Tomás

New World Order - Neue Weltordnung

"Yes, many people will die when the New World Order is established, but it will be a better world for those who survive." Henry Kissinger, 1991

Members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TLC) – also known as the “US shadow government” pursuit a New World Order under the leadership of the United Nations. The aim is stabilization of the world populace by means of administratively ordered abortions and forced sterilizations. Wars as well as food and water manipulations are being used in order to reduce the world population. An anti-fertility vaccine has been already developed by the Rockefeller Foundation (click on the thumb to enlarge picture).

New World Order - Neue Weltordnung - Ölmalerei von Arndt Tomás
3.500.- EUR
New World Order

H 90 x B 130
Oil on canvas

Publication before implementation of a "New World Order", 2011

Coerced into giving up their sovereignty, nations will have to accept a single currency controlled by the World Bank. The society will be socialized, economy and financial sector regulated by taxes like climate protection or CO2 tax. A meltdown of the western currency system could pave a way to the New World Order.

"A European Community on federal lines is a necessary and essential contribution to any world union."
Zbignew Brzezinski Comments
Arndt Tomás

Zeitgeist • Profound Artwork by Arndt Tomás HD • English

Deepwater Horizon Blowout

Deepwater Horizon was an deepwater dynamically positioned offshore oil drilling rig which sank on 22nd April 2010 due to an explosion on the rig caused by a blowout - causing the largest offshore oil spill in history.

Deepwater Horizon Blowout - Art and Oil Painting
2.500.- EUR
Deepwater Horizon Blowout

H 100 x B 157
Oil on canvas

Publication in July 2010

We do need to keep in mind that the Ocean is necessary for everyone of us on this planet; an international institution is necessary to prevent corruption and disasters due to the lack of safety regulations! Tell others your opinion!
Arndt Tomás

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also called the Pacific Trash Vortex, is a gyre of marine litter in the central North Pacific Ocean spanning an area estimated twice the size of Texas or the size of Western Europe. The size is determined by a higher degree of concentration of pelagic debris in the water than it is normal. The Patch is characterized by exceptionally high concentrations of pelagic plastics and chemical sludge that have been trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre, at some points there are more than six times more plastic in the gyre than there is plankton -the most abundant food source.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Art and Oil Painting
3.000.- EUR
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

H 130 x B 176
Oil on canvas

Publication in June 2010

Since plastics break down to ever smaller polymers, some of these long-lasting and toxic plastics end up in the stomachs of fish and marine birds as they mistake those pieces as food. While their body contains plastic, it goes its way up within the whole food chain. Each year more than 1 million birds are dying either from plastic poisoning or blockage of their digestive system. This disaster needs to be solved as soon as possible! Tell others your opinion!
Arndt Tomás

The global warming results in melting of the polar ice caps and rise of the sea level. In the Arctic, a nations’ race for its resources has begun. Emaciated polar bears roam around a drilling station. Oil production lures with high dollar profits. Disappearing ice masses lead to spreading of sea ravens to formerly fish rich grounds (click on the thumb to enlarge picture).

Globale Erwärmung - Ölmalerei von Arndt Tomás
2.700.- EUR
Global Warming

H 90 x B 195
Oil on canvas

Publication for the inauguration of Neumayer-Station III, 2009

A ban on exploitation of natural resources in the Antarctic is in place till 2041. On the other hand, there are more than 80 research stations there. Snow canons are supposed to detain melting of the snow. Glaciers retreat and leave bare land behind. Penguins are being ousted by camels from their traditional habitats.

Rising sea levels due to melting of the ice lead to the flood danger for lower coastal regions – a growing concern also for the northern Germany. The present-day federal states of Hamburg, Slesvigia-Holstein, Bremen and Lower Saxony unite in the “United States of Northern Germany”. There is something positive in these developments, however: the warming attracts orange trees and other Mediterranean vegetation to the North. The orange is the symbol of the new state. Tell others your opinion!
Arndt Tomás

Global Financial Crisis - The world financial crisis in new dimension

With this triptych, I am attempting to present the world financial crisis in artist’s language. I’m not blaming anybody; however it is an appraisal of the actual situation (click on the thumb to enlarge picture).

Global Financial Crisis - Painting from Arndt Tomás, Germany
2.700.- EUR
Global Financial Crisis

H 90 x B 180
Oil and gold leafs on canvas

Publication in February 2009. Left painting rotated 180° click here.

United States of America: Fact is that the financial crisis began due to the real estate bubble in the United States of America that spread through the whole world. The American Central Bank, Federal Reserve (FED), founded 1913 by private bankers in order to form a cartel to make “money from nothing” and to lend it for an interest rate, serves the U.S. government with new money, so that they can impose their monetary policy. Barack Obama has secured from Congress a national economic stimulus package worth 798 billion US dollars, to prevent Americans falling into poverty. Some senators have been warning about hyperinflation in advance. Despite all the warnings, the chairman of the FED, Ben Bernanke, announced that money would be dropped out of a helicopter, if needed - which gave him the nickname “Helicopter-Ben”.

In order to stabilize the dollar, the FED intends to corner the market of government securities as a large amount of America’s papers are in the hands of foreign investors. China alone holds 682 billion US dollars of American government securities. If those foreign investors would sell their US government bonds, the dollar would crash and all other currencies would be swept along. Nobel prize laureate Paul Krugman: “The United States of America risk to fall down in a deep economic crisis. We are on the verge of a catastrophe!”

The White House is not only recipient of the newly printed money of the FED, it also follows its policy (see printed words “Novus Ordo Seclorum” on the back of the one-dollar bill). The organ pipes symbolize the American policy where the White House plays music for the whole world to dance.

European Monetary Union: At the time of euro adoption the European Union had 12 member states; by now 15 more states have joined. Brussels has given to all new countries billions of Euros to enable them to restructure their budgets and improve their infrastructures. Many countries facilitated the granting and expansion of money by reducing the interest rate. This has encouraged many citizens to borrow more money for wealth generation. The balance sheet of European banks has 18.1 trillion of bad debt. This would mean that 44% of the assets of European banks are absolutely unsalable due to lack of securities. Bear and bull watch helplessly as the euro is being “burnt”.

Great Britain: The global financial crisis also affected Great Britain. As in the US, it is the real estate bubbles that lead to freezing of credits service. The Bank of England is only a facade. Many are unemployed. The Chancellor of the Exchequer under Prime Minister Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, sold a few years ago half of the British gold reserves to the lowest price. Meanwhile, the value of Pound Sterling has dropped almost to the level of the Euro.

The bear standing in the phone booth symbolizes by lack of confidence in the financial sector and increasing social coldness. According to a report by the CIA, major European cities will face civil unrest - including London. The fate of the unsinkable Titanic is known to all. Tell others your opinion!
Arndt Tomás

Global Financial Crisis • Artwork by Arndt Tomás • English

"Yes, we can!" - Obamania and the need for a change

It was this guiding principle with which Barack Obama won over the world during his run for the Presidency. Especially the American youth is hoping for liberation from the rigorous politics of George W. Bush. During his campaign Barack Obama promised the following:

To close the prison camp Guantánamo Bay on Cuba,
To withdraw the troops from the war in Iraq, and
To bring America back to its former greatness.

"Yes, we can!" inspired me to paint this triptych, in which I captured these promises of the President of the United States of America (click on the thumb to enlarge picture).

Yes, we can! - Painting from Arndt Tomás, Germany
2.700.- EUR
Yes, we can!

H 90 x B 195
Oil and gold leafs on cotton

Publication for the inauguration of the 44th US-President, 01/20/2009

The middle part of the triptych "Yes, we can!" shows the NYSE. This temple of money is covered with the American flag. The lacerated flag symbolises the decline of American values. The bankers’ greed led the financial system and the economy into a severe crisis. The value of the Dollar is decreasing, while the value of gold is increasing.

The left part of the triptych shows the island of Cuba in its national colours. At the bottom right the base of the Statue of Liberty is covering Guantánamo Bay. All values which are symbolized by the Statue of Liberty are turned upside down and hence invalidated. The imprisoned combatants are still waiting in vain for a lawful court hearing. With the destruction of the World Trade Centre (WTC) by Islamic terrorists, the United States of America abandoned its virtues.

The right part of the triptych shows war-ravaged Iraq: The Rivers Euphrates and Tigris run red with blood. A civil war has broken out between the Sunni and Shia Muslims. The oil production stagnates and natural gas is being flared. The war cost America 700 billion US-Dollars and countless fatalities. The starting fighter jet symbolises the retreat of the American machinery of war.

My triptych functions as a message to Barack Obama to keep his promises! Tell others your opinion!
Arndt Tomás

Aufklärungsjäger über Afghanistan - Defending freedom?

The reason for the Afghanistan oil painting was the German government‘s decision to send several jet fighters to Afghanistan, for a "surveillance operation". Today, the German forces in Afghanistan consist of 4.400 troops (click on the thumb to enlarge picture).

Wir verlieren unsere Freiheit am Hindukusch
1.000.- EUR
Aufklärungsjäger über Afghanistan
Wir verlieren unsere Freiheit am Hindukusch

H 80 x B 100
Oil on canvas


With all due respect for my government – the ministry of defence is wrong in its war argument: "we are defending our freedom at the Hindukush". Every peace research institute agree on the opinion that countries with their troops involved in the Afghanistan conflict face higher danger of terrorist attacks at home. Therefore, Germany is developing to a surveillance state. Tell others your opinion!
Arndt Tomás

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Ann Riddle
Posted 1238 days ago
This global warming is because these new Solar Plants attract the SUN. I live in the so-called Solar Capital of the World. I have done quite a bit of research since we are guinea pigs, and were not even asked. I want to know, WHO would attract the sun to the desert during a draught? And now, they are world wide. We may even see fireballs shooting from the sun.
Posted 1486 days ago
Gut geDrohnd ist halb getroffen!
Posted 1975 days ago
Faszinierende Malerei mit fundierten Hintergrundinformationen. Sie sind ein intellektueller Aufklärer!
Posted 2215 days ago
Extremly helpful website, please publish more!
Posted 2215 days ago
That's an ingenious way of thinking about it.
Posted 2215 days ago
It's great to read something that's both enjoyable and prodives pragmatisdc solutions.
Posted 2215 days ago
Always a good job right here. Keep rlonilg on through.
Posted 2215 days ago
Ho ho, who wuloda thunk it, right?
Posted 2250 days ago
Stands back from the keyoabrd in amazement! Thanks!
Posted 2255 days ago
Home run! Great slugging with that asnwer!
Annette D
Posted 2307 days ago
Ein Wahnsinniges Bild! - Solche Motivkompositionen habe ich noch nie gesehen -
Posted 2360 days ago
Mighty useful. You made no mistake, I apreciate it.
Posted 2361 days ago
Not bad at all felals and gallas. Thanks.
Bodo S.
Posted 2442 days ago
Amerika ist offiziell Pleite. Sie hatten Recht; vor zwei Jahren habe ich Ihre Worte nicht glauben können.
Eva Dormscheid
Posted 2506 days ago
Ihr Bild über die Finanzkrise ist so aktuell wie die Gewähr des "Amens" in der Kirche - jetzt kommt die wahre Krise. Bemerkenswert ist, dass alle Ihre Angaben nachweisbar und richtig sind - abgesehen von der gelungenen malerischen Umsetzung dieser schwierigen Thematik. Glückwunsch zum Meisterwerk!
Klaus Wiedergut
Posted 2510 days ago
Kürzlich habe ich einen Artikel gelesen, der "bekannte Künstler" in der Presse hofiert. Die vorgestellten Werke waren mein Einvernehmen nach höchstens Mittelmaß. Es ist wohl in den letzten Jahren zur Gewohnheit geworden - oder von einigen einflußreichen durch Sponsoring so gewollt.
Ich stelle mir zur Beurteilung der Kunst die einfache Frage, ob Sie Ausdruck der Zeit ist und malerisch gut umgesetzt wurde. Genau hier setzten Sie an und sie ist in der heutigen Zeit brilliant von Ihnen wiedergegeben. Zugegebenermaßen fallen die Bilder "Zeitgeschehen" aus dem Rahmen und sie sind auch nicht so schnell zu verstehen, weil es einen gewissen Sachverstand sowie eine Portion Offenheit zu den Theaterstücken hinter den uns aufgetischten Kulissen bedarf. Es ist mutig und grandios zugleich, Kunst gefunden zu haben, die wirklich sehenswert ist und einen Platz in der Kunstgeschichte einnehmen wird: Sie ist unvergleichlich und gibt das wieder, was die Menschheit in diesem Zeitalter bewegt.
Ich freue mich auf weitere Bilder,
Posted 2585 days ago
You are absolutely right Mr. Arndt Tomás!
I like your triptych about the Pacific Garbage Patch - I knew about this issue for several months. How convenient CO2 has been made out to be the "boogy pollution", while ignoring the big picture. I truly believe that our polluting of the ocean is our undoing inevitably.
Thank you for spreading this essential message to the word! Awareness is the first step to change. Our individual actions are key in making that crucial change.
Maria Adams
Posted 2591 days ago
Dear Tomás,
I visited your link on watercolorpainting and I liked your art very much. Maybe you shout submit your art in the "International Contemporary Masters", an annual art book. :)
Keep up the good work!!!
Posted 2592 days ago
Pleasure to meet you Mr. Arndt! Thanks for sharing your art. Wonderful! I visited your site and am amazed and happy by your conscience political and social. Congratulations! A brotherly hug.
Norbert Spreis
Posted 2593 days ago
Glückwunsch zu den individuellen Gemälden!
Heute steht es erneut in der Zeitung: Der Euro-Raum kämpft um die Schuldenlast einzelner Staaten, die zahlenmäßig zunehmen werden. Ich bezweifle zunehmend, dass nur wenige Staaten die finanzielle Tragkraft von einigen zu hoch verschuldeten Ländern aufbringen können/werden. In diesem Sinne war Ihr Ölbild eine sich immer mehr bestätigende intellektuelle und wagemutige Vorausschau, die malerisch interessant umgesetzt ist!
Quelle:, "Europas Wachstumsmodell ist gescheitert"
Posted 2594 days ago
I do like the way you symbolize global challenges and I can't understand why some people get offended by these obvious changes in recent time. Looks like some people do wake up quite late - oh sorry, I wanted to say: hopefully they will some day!
Good luck with your extraordinary cv!
Rosalie from Quebec, Canada
Gary Schwend
Posted 2594 days ago
Wow... down on America and Capitalism, don't you think...? Some would say that you're exploiting the global warming hoax for profit. Here in America thats called "the pot calling the kettle black".. As an artist myself and student of history, I have two suggestions..1.) classes 2.) stop smoking weed and grow a brain... Good Heavens Arndt..! But since you feel emboldened enough to attach a flawed political view along with your art attacking my country.. well.. I though I might just comment.
Eduard Grew
Posted 2609 days ago
This might be the best drawings and oil paintings I have ever seen. You pointed at the main problems of our times. Regards from Singapore,
Mr. Right
Posted 2738 days ago
Incredible paintings!
Posted 3002 days ago
Amazing paintings Tomás!
Posted 3093 days ago
Das Handelsblatt schreibt heute im Artikel "Bernanke: Versager oder Retter der US-Wirtschaft?" einen interessanten Artikel über die Konjunkturpakete: "...Milliardenschwere Konjunkturprogramme und Bankenrettungspakete, die aggressive Senkung der Leitzinsen durch die Notenbanken, die Ausweitung ihrer Bilanzen durch Wertpapierkäufe - all das schüre Ängste, dass die stark angeschwollene Geldmenge mittelfristig zu einer hohen Inflation führt. "Vorreiter der lockeren Geldpolitik ist die Fed. Sie senkte den Leitzins auf 0 bis 0,25 Prozent, öffnete zahlreiche Liquiditätsfenster für die Banken und kauft Staatsanleihen sowie Hypothekenpapiere. Ihre Bilanzsumme schwoll im Dezember auf 2300 Mrd. $ an." Bernanke müsse deshalb den Menschen erklären, wie die zahlreichen Liquiditätsfenster wieder geschlossen werden können. Details zum Abschied von der bisherigen Fed-Politik seien zwar kaum zu erwarten, doch der Dollar könne von der Anhörung profitieren. Experten erhoffen sich zumindest in Grundzügen eine Darstellung der Exit-Strategie: "Das würde die Unsicherheit über die Geldpolitik verringern. Der Risikoaufschlag auf Dollar-Vermögenswerte würde zurückgehen." Auch Hinweise auf eine Rücknahme der Stimulierungsmaßnahmen hätten diesen Effekt, da ein solches Vorgehen der Fed darauf schließen lasse, dass die US-Ökonomie sich wieder zunehmend erhole."
Da musste ich doch an Ihre Malerei denken! Liebe Grüsse aus Oberbayern, Meyer
Sandra Ernst
Posted 3094 days ago
Globale Erwärmung, ja das nenne ich treffsichere Ölmalerei in moderner Form! Ich habe mir alle Ihre Bilder angesehen und finde grossen Gefallen an der Varietät: Von der klassischen Malerei, die Sie beherrschen, finden sich sämtliche Stilkompositionen bis hin zu modernen (und intelektuellen) Motiven in Ihrem Repertoire. Das ist bewundernswert. MfG, Sandra Ernst
Matthias Dietrich
Posted 3115 days ago
Zugegebenermaßen sehr weitsichtige Ölbilder!
Matthias Dietrich
Josh Dwell
Posted 3148 days ago
"Global Financial Crisis" has come true. Quite amazing that your prediction is (and was) exact. I personally believe that we are only on a small wave of consumption increase, the real crisis is still coming. We will see. Thank you for your great explanations on this site!
Lidia Swell
Posted 3169 days ago
Looks great the one "financial crisis". Keep up the good work Tomás. Lidia Swell
Querida Alemania
Posted 3171 days ago
He leido un artículo en EL PAIS esta mañana sobre la crisis en Alemania: "La crisis golpea con fuerza a locomotora económica europea, que ha arrastrado al resto del continente a la peor recesión en seis décadas. El producto interior bruto (PIB) de Alemania sufrió en el primer trimestre de 2009 un retroceso del 3,8%, lo que confirma que este país se encuentra sumido en la mayor recesión desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial y ha llevado a Europa a una situación idéntica. El PIB de la Eurozona se hundió en los tres primeros meses del año el 2,5%, la mayor caída desde que comenzaron los registros, en 1995. En comparación con el primer trimestre de 2008, el desplome de la actividad fue del 4,6% en el área de la moneda única y del 4,4% en los Veintisiete, también las tasas más negativas de la serie histórica, según ha confirmado hoy Eurostat, la oficina estadística comunitaria."
Mucha suerte estos días, ¡querida Alemania! Saludos desde España, Juan Miguel S.
Günter Frick
Posted 3171 days ago
Guten Tag,
ich bin über die Tageszeitung DIE WELT zu Ihnen gekommen. Jetzt, wo die aktuellen Quartalszahlen über die Wirtschaft bekannt geworden sind, muss ich Ihnen die Richtigkeit Ihres Bildes (und Ihre Stellungnahme) zur Finanzkrise bestätigen. Die Umsetzung gefällt mir sehr gut, weil sie das Übel sprichwörtlich an der Wurzel visualisiert und diese Eingriffe der Zentralbanken sicherlich in die Geschichte eingehen wird. Ich werde diese Seite weiterempfehlen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Günter aus dem Saarland
Jon Irvine
Posted 3187 days ago
The global financial crisis is a "man-made catastrophe", according to Robert Zoellick, the president of the World Bank. Speaking after the Bank's policy-making committee met to discuss the downturn, he warned that populations around the world will respond with anger and fear. "The age of Reaganism is over," Mr Sachs said in a separate television interview. "The no-regulation, low-taxes philosophy has broken the back of our economy. We will see the changes coming up within the next months as we will live in a time of economic and climate changes.
Jonathan Smith
Posted 3208 days ago
Leute, wacht auf!
Hier sagt jemand ungeschminkt die Wahrheit, verpackt in große Malerei. Banker und Regierungschefs sollten sich das Bild ansehen: Sie werden ihr Handeln darin wiedererkennen. Ich wünsche dem Bild eine große Zukunft.
Jonathan Smith, Ex-Banker
Derrick Hess
Posted 3223 days ago
Vor zwei Monaten haben Sie das Ölbild (Finanzkrise) veröffentlicht? Dann bilden Sie die JETZIGE Situation punktgenau ab: China soll sich heute indirekt gegen die amerikanischen Staatsanleihen ausgesprochen haben. Ihre Behauptung, der US-Dollar würde wegen der Druckmaschinen ins bodenlose fallen, wird sich in diesen Tagen schleichend bewahrheiten. Respekt! Soviel über den "Yes, we can"-Helikoper-Obama...
Posted 3227 days ago
Can't believe it! These oil paintings are really awesome! I have never seen something like that. Extraordinary, really! Greeeeez, USA
Posted 3234 days ago
Damn that's good! I guess you will keep up with the time Tomás. Nice pics.
Reece from California :))
Posted 3238 days ago
El Banco Mundial advirtió ayer de que la sequía en los mercados internacionales se traducirá en un déficit de recursos para países emergentes y pobres, que oscilará entre 210.000 y 550.000 millones de euros este año, según los cálculos del organismo internacional. En el caso de los países más pobres, sobre todo de África y América Latina, es el bajonazo de los precios de las materias primas la peor consecuencia de la crisis.
Desde Argentina, Pedro
Fernandez - España
Posted 3250 days ago
Arndt Tomás, ¡te quiero! ¡Qué guapo el nuevo cuadro!
Derrik, Florida
Posted 3250 days ago
I see a declining economy without any end. I had a good job! Not anymore ... and my wife is not happy with that... However, this painting is awesome!
Posted 3250 days ago
Mit dem aktuellen Bild über die Finanzkrise treffen Sie den Nerv der Zeit - besser hätte man nicht nur das Bild umsetzen können, vielmehr ist der ZeitPUNKT gut gewählt. Etwas vergleichbares habe ich in der Kunstszene nicht gesehen. Nicht schlecht. Zwar nicht sonderlich ermutigend, dafür aber inhaltlich korrekt. ;-) Bleibt abzuwarten, ob die Zentralbanken weiterhin Gelder in den Markt pumpen, um das Wirtschaftssystem Lebenszeit zu schenken. Nur die aufgenommenen Schulden sind irgendwann zu begleichen - und das will natürlich keiner in der Zukunft...
August Redner
Posted 3251 days ago
Soeben auf WELT Online erschienen: "Spekulanten wetten auf den Staatsbankrott." Die Mehrzahl der Kommentatoren trauen der Presse nicht mehr. So schreibt ein Kommentator: "Staaten, die dabei sind Pleite zu gehen, sind: Ungarn, Litauen, Lettland, Ukraine, ... In Nordamerika bereits Mexiko. ... In EU-Staaten wie Spanien, Griechenland, Irland, Grossbritannien, Italien sieht auch inzwischen katastrophal aus! Man rechnet damit, dass es sogar in Grossbritannien zu Ausschreitungen kommen könnte! In USA trainiert die Armee mit der Nationalgarde bereits seit Monaten für den Worst Case Szenario (preparing for civil unrest). Siehe hierzu einfach 'Martial Law PDD51'. Dieses Gesetzt wurde bereits letzten Mai verabschiedet, so als ob US-Regierung bereits in die Zukunft schaut! ... Zum Glück sieht es in Deutschland NOCH nicht so dramatisch aus! Aber die 08/15 Massenmedien und die Politik versuchen in diesem Land immer noch das Volk für DUMM zu verkaufen!" Dieses Bild ist insoweit zutreffend. August Redner, Freiburg
Arndt Tomás
Posted 3251 days ago
@Georg Stein: Es handelt sich um geschredderte (echte) Euro-Banknoten.
Georg Stein
Posted 3251 days ago
Eine Frage: Sind das Papierschnippsel oder Folien auf der EZB (Motiv in der Mitte)?
Alejandro Lopez Hernandez
Posted 3251 days ago
¡Su arte es muy exigente! Es un buen ejemplo del tiempo en que vivimos. Alejandro Lopez Hernandez
Posted 3251 days ago
Jeder versucht sein glück in dieser Zeitalter und nutzt das welt geschehen als vorlage. mein lieber kunst ist mehr als das nur was ihr denkt; erstmal sollte mann die farben verstehen... und dann intellektuell zu verstehen.
Angelika Sauer
Posted 3251 days ago
Nicht schlecht! Selten so eine Kunst gesehen! Angelika
Jose Caballo
Posted 3251 days ago
Con la crisis internacional: El Dow Jones ha caído ahora mismo un 3,41% (hasta las 7.114,78 unidades) marcando su nivel de cierre más bajo desde mayo de 1997: Esto es de actualidad, ¡de verdad!
Posted 3252 days ago
Malerisch reizvoll ist die Wirtschaftskrise sicherlich - ich hoffe nur der Abschwung nimmt bald ein Ende. Das Geld ist immer weniger wert! Was tun?
Erika aus New York
Max Pauer
Posted 3252 days ago
Kitsch as Kitsch can!
Lisa Heuss
Posted 3257 days ago
Am Besten finde ich die WTC mit der umgekehrten Freiheitsstatue...
Arndt Tomás
Posted 3264 days ago
Looks like an ignorant showed up: someone that denies the adverse condition of the United States of America right now. It doesn’t appear to be a challenge for him at all. There’s accounting for taste in art, however the majority is in complete agreement that some things need to be changed.
Arndt Tomás
Posted 3264 days ago
The "artist" is an idiot and shows a real lack of knowledge both artistically and politically.
Arndt Tomás
Posted 3264 days ago
@Rodrigo Argentina: ¡Gracias por el halago que me ha hecho! En mi opinión se puede decir que hay una paralela entre la política de Bush sobre el campo de deteción de Guantánamo Bay en Cuba y los años 30 en Alemania: el mandarinato.
Arndt Tomás
Rodrigo Argentina
Posted 3265 days ago
Congratulation for your picture. Se habra ido realmente Bush? O seguira buscando el Vril como lo hacia la Alemania de los años 30?
Ulf Gellser
Posted 3268 days ago
Das Konjunkturpaket wird nur kurzfristig Abhilfe schaffen. Bin gespannt was danach noch so alles aus dem "Zauberhut" präsentiert wird... ;-)
Ulf Gellser
Derrik R.
Posted 3271 days ago
I love it, really! Can't believe you composed such a good oil picture. Derrik, California, USA
Ariadna Caño
Posted 3277 days ago
"Por el bien de nuestro planeta, debemos tener el coraje de cambiar" dijó Barack Obama. Ahora los ministros de Exteriores del la Unión Europea analizan por primera vez las condiciones en las que los Estados miembros podrían acoger detenidos de la base de Guantánamo... Hasta el momento casi un tercio de los países, cómo España, se han mostrado dispuestos a ayudar a Estados Unidos en el cierre de Guantánamo. Yo personalmente no estoy de acuerdo con esto.
Posted 3281 days ago
Yeah - I got the impression that he will change many things for us in the US, however is it enough or too late already? We hope the best...
John, Detroit
Antonio Alandete
Posted 3285 days ago
Obama puso ayer su dimensión política y moral al servicio de la superación de la crisis que el mundo padece. Nunca se habían depositado tantas esperanzas en un solo hombre. Vamos a ver...
Dieter Schell
Posted 3286 days ago
Was Deutschland betrifft: es wäre gut für unser Land, die Verbindungen zu dem maroden USA zu kappen und uns wieder auf europäische Werte zu konzentrieren. Die USA liegt am Boden - wir sollten ihnen ausnahmsweise nicht nacheifern und folgen...
Butter on Bred
Posted 3287 days ago
Cool stuff, really. The change has come TODAY!
Peter S.
Posted 3292 days ago
Ich hoffe ebenso auf eine Veränderung der US-Außenpolitik; das Motiv ist dafür sehr gelungen. Peter S.
Elefteria Edwards
Posted 3295 days ago
The finance crisis has brought an end to the original idea that markets should regulate themselves. Apart from this working system there are lobbyists and fed-watchers that say they are already worrying about heightened scrutiny and, perhaps, new rules governing what they do. We will see what will happen after some months with Barack Obama. I like this painting due to the fact that it shows the changes we need - for sure.
Elefteria Edwards, Atlanta
Barack's Promise
Posted 3296 days ago
This pic is damn good! I hope he keeps his promises, Greed, Carolina
Posted 3297 days ago
Gratuliere - dieses Triptychon ist wunderschön und absolut topaktuell. Man sollte es Barack Obama zugänglich machen!
Good luck!

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